App Venture


App Venture, a consortium of companies from the technology and design sectors, aims, through a partnership of startup companies, to develop interactive experiences for its customers based on data analysis and machine learning. Using artificial intelligence applications during the implementation of the projects, the terms 'service' and 'product' change dimension, responding to the needs of a new era for Marketing and Advertising.
      Our office worked closely with the consortium's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning departments, becoming part of the process of producing innovative communication and promotion applications. As a result, we designed the logo to fully capture the influence and energy of the teams in the projects they undertake and implement.

The symbol (en. mark) that we designed for 'App Venture' is essentially the monogram ('A' and 'V') of the initial letters of the name and is imprinted with a characteristic curvature, wanting to express the 'plasticity' of the technological /design approach. These two characters, abstract and inextricably united, also act as an arrow 'pointing' to the evolution, always pointing forward and up.
      The logotype solution is completed with the selection of Roobert's Sans Serif family from Displaay foundry, which is used in all visual identity applications, maintaining 'purity' and legibility.

The Website design of the consortium follows the same design strategy, aiming at simplicity and clarity. We designed a one-page experience with easy-to-use components, translating the complicated nature of the services provided for everyone. 

Visual Identity
Web Design