Bar Vitelli


The design system we developed for Bar Vitelli, has as its primary means of expression and impression the three menus of the bar/restaurant, and 'extends' to applications in clothing, but also the intervention in classic works of art. Our priority was to emphasize the "unpretentious" temperament of the Italian south and respect the restaurant's influences from the original Bar Vitelli in Sicily. The visual identity functions as a memory, as a postcard of the country of origin.
      To reinforce the sense of periodicity that underlies all applications of the visual identity, we used a fixed-width font on semi-transparent paper, mimicking the process of creating the menus by a non-designer, perhaps a restaurant employee. As if just typed, Bar Vitelli's menus focus on functionality by almost wholly removing other decorative elements, which contribute nothing to the final use of a catalog, which is the selection of a dish/drink.
      The selected font and the typographic 'mosaics' that we developed create the appropriate 'quiet' ground to visually assimilate the cosmetic logo with its 'proud' finishes. This relationship of funkiness with elegance and discretion pays homage to the Italian 'Sprezzatura' (The art of looking painstakingly sloppy) and renders it graphically.

Visual Identity