EBGE 2021


Beetroot Design Group, as the winner of the grand prize for 2020, selected Specter to design the 2021 Greek Visual Communication Design Awards (EBGE). We started working on the project in December 2020, when everyone was still trying to understand where this global pandemic would take us next. Therefore, the story we chose to tell about that year's awards conveyed the message of connection, of collectivity. We used magnetic fields and iron to transform the message of distant connection into powerful imagery. Setting "EBGE" as a point of an inevitable encounter, we used iron shavings to depict the creative units drawn to the center. Τhis "choreography" captured the need for Greek designers to meet and interact. Magnetism has shown us that no distance is long enough, and we will always find ways to get together.


Last year, we got selected by the awards’ committee as the most promising upcoming design studio in Greece, and got assigned to design the identity of the awards.

We are talking about 2020, where the COVID outbreak was flourishing and everything seemed uncertain and distant. In response to this situation, we envisioned a magnetic attraction, which attracts all designers and creators, to a point of reference, a meeting point. No matter how far away we are, it is inevitable that we will come close to each other.

So we experimented with real magnets so that we could render all this intensity and speed that characterises magnetic fields.


Visual Identity